Q) How do I use Muddy Mouth?

A) Wet a toothbrush and dip into Muddy Mouth powder, then brush teeth normally. When you are finished brushing, sip a bit of water and swish thoroughly throughout mouth without swallowing. Spit and rinse repeatedly until mouth is clear

Q) Is Muddy Mouth safe for pregnant women?

A) Yes, the product is all natural and contains no toxins. In fact usage of these product will help clean and detox the body and has health benefits

Q) What are the ingredients?

A) Coconut activated charcoal, calcium bentonite clay and orange peel extract powder

Q) Does Muddy Mouth work with braces?

A) Yes, a lot of our customers have braces and use it with great results

Q) What does Muddy Mouth taste like?

A) The product is tasteless.

Q) Is Muddy Mouth safe for enamel?

A) Activated charcoal only binds to organic compounds and not minerals. Tooth enamel is a mineral compound so there should be no concern about damaging enamel

Q) Will Muddy Mouth stain my teeth?

A) Muddy Mouth can be a bit messy, and while it absorbs plaque and removes stains from your teeth, it leaves no residue behind after a thorough rinse.

Q) How often should I use Muddy Mouth?

A) For optimal results, we recommend using Muddy Mouth once in the morning and once before bed, along with your regular brushing schedule.

Q) How long does it take to see results from Muddy Mouth?

A) Some users report seeing results after as little as 1 day, however, most customers have reported seeing the most significant results after one week of use.

Q) What happens if I swallow Muddy Mouth?

A) All of our products are made out of non-toxic, food grade ingredients. If you were to ingest Muddy Mouth, no harm will come to you.